Maria Dell'Orbo, BHSI
Grand Prix International Dressage Rider
BHS Performance Dressage Coach
Maria trains a range of students and horses, sharing her knowledge from many years of experience and from advanced riding. She works with all levels of rider from novice to advanced and from basic flatwork for all disciplines to advanced dressage.
Maria is a sympathetic trainer, but honest, and will tailor her lessons according to the needs of horse and rider, taking into account the rider's perspective. Using this method, she can bring out the best of each partnership. In shared lessons, she tries her best to give equal attention to all.

Maria's training philosophy is that every horse's physical and mental health benefits from good flatwork, from ponies to cobs, thoroughbreds and beyond! Maria's highest priority is horse welfare, she believes happy horse, happy rider. Happy horses co-operate making the work safer and more enjoyable for the rider. 
The basic dressage movements can be seen in every flatwork session, from your local unaffiliated show to the world cup. These are transitions. Working through the scale of training, transitions are usually where Maria focusses her training; the more refined they become the more advanced the work becomes.
Maria's price list is below, contact her using our contact page.
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