L'età non conta! Age doesn't count!
DO Dressage is a team of people working in support of Maria Dell'Orbo's dressage riding. She had a dream and we came together to support her in it; she is now well on the way!! 
Our message is: L'età non conta: Age doesn't count
Age should not be a barrier to dreams!
At DO Dressage we are dedicated both to the pursuit of dressage at the highest levels and to the use of dressage for the fitness and health of all horses.

We are a small, professional, family run yard working to develop horses and riders
in the world of competitive dressage as well as dressage for leisure. 
For more about the team as individuals and the roles we play, go to our team page.

To contact Maria about training or Team DO with questions, please use the contact form below:
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