2024 Season
Hickstead Premier League 10-12th May
Hickstead was a step up for Emmy and Kylian's second big show. Kylian came 6th in the PSG and has a lot more to give and Emaro performed his best ever Grand Prix, only his fourth. Stepping up a level is hard and Maria and Emmy are going really well. Kylian is showing us what he is capable of as his partnership with Maria grown. A lot to like at Hickstead. Enjoy the video of Kylian's PSG below.  
Addington Premier League 26-28th April 2024
Addington saw Emaro and Maria perform their first Grand Prix at the national level and Maia and Kylian their first PSG at national level. Emaro and Kylian both pulled in respectable scores for their respective firsts! It was a great show to kick off the season, even if the weather left a bit to be desired!
Belmoredean 18th April 2024
Kylian and Maria qualified for Italy on their first time out at PSG! After a bit of nervousness at the photographer, Kylian settled down to do a good test, but with some expensive mistakes. However, at 65+ they qualified for international classes at this level and we got to see what they are capable of!
Belmoredean 21st March 2024
Emaro and Maria achieved their best mark yet in Grand Prix at Belmoredean last Thursday with a personal best of 66.52%! They are making a great start to the season in their preparation for the start of the spring/summer British Dressage premier league shows where they will be competing at Grand Prix and Inter 2.
Belmoredean 7th March 2024
A solid start to the season for Emaro and Maria at Belmoredean getting ready for their first season at the highest level. They achieved first place and consolidated their international qualification with another 64+ percentage.
2023 Season
Belmoredean 16th November 2023
Emaro and Maria finished the competing year in style by competing at Grand Prix for the first time, achieving a great debut score of 64.35%! We couldn't be more proud at DO Dressage! It wil be a challenging 2024 season in this new class.
Hickstead CDI 11-14th May 2023
Hickstead was not quite the weekend we were hoping for, but sometimes the most successful shows are ones where you learn and not where you get the highest marks. Emaro and Maria had some beautiful moments and we can see where they are going. Onward and upward!!
Addington Premier League 28–30 April 2023
Emaro and Maria scored 67.4% in their first premier league inter 2. They made the top 10 against established riders like Andrew Gould (Team GB) and were one of only 2 non-British pairs to do so.
What a start to the season!!!
Belmoredean 20th April 2023
Emaro M and Maria are having a great start to the season with another personal best at their new level: inter 2. They scored 68.97% at Belmoredean as part of their preparation for Addington Premier League next week.
Belmoredean 6th April 2023
The hard work of the winter is beginning to pay off with Emaro and Maria scoring their best ever mark in an FEI test at Belmoredean in the Inter II. 
Addington CDI1* 17 -19th March 2023
Emaro M and Maria had a good show to kick off the season with a great PSG and sound Inter 1. Their winter training showed in the quality of riding in both of the tests. 
Maria will be riding mostly internationals this season and this was a good start!!
Hascombe 18th & 23rd February 2023
Emaro and Maria kicked off the season with two local shows at Hascombe Equestrian Centre over the last couple of weeks. After a hard winter of training, they were moving up the levels doing two Inter II tests. 
They are looking forward to a good season, moving up the levels as the season progresses.
2022 Season
Keysoe International CDI3* 7–9th October 2022
Emaro and Maria had a great show at Keysoe, finishing their season in style. Their Inter 1 test was great to watch - the highlight video is below. They placed 13th with 64.3, a superb score for their first international. 
It has been a great season, from their first Premier League in April to their first International in October with so many personal bests along the way. At DO Dressage we couldn't be more proud!
Belmoredean 22 September 2022
Emaro M and Maria took their recent training to Belmoredean and real test conditions. They achieved the best score yet for PSG and underscored preparations for the international in two weeks' time!
Bury Farm High Profile Show 26-28 August 2022
Emaro M and Maria showed that preparation pays off with two personal bests at Bury Farm: their highest mark at inter 1 and their highest mark yet at a Premier League/High Profile show. In addition, they placed in inter 1 for the first time, coming 5th in their class. 
So a great show for Emaro M and Maria who have had a wonderful season so far. Their first international is only 5 weeks away and will close out their 2022 season.
Belmoredean 28th July 2022
Back at Belmoredean Emaro M and Maria raised their bar yet again with another personal best, again at inter 1; they just keep getting better and better! They also secured their place to end their season in October at their first CDI. What a year this has been for this pair, from Advanced medium to international in a year.
NAF 5* Hartpury Festival of Dressage 5th – 10th June 2022
Another personal best at Premier League for Emaro M and Maria, this time in inter 1! A good show that continues a season of learning and improving. 
(Photographs by Kevin Sparrow photography)
Wellington Festival of Dressage 7th – 12th June 2022
A great show for Emaro M and Maria who achieved a personal best score in PSG and at Premier league level! A great achievement!! They also competed at Inter 1 for the first time, showing promise and holding their own. All in all, a great weekend for the pair!
(Photographs by Lottie Elizabeth photography)
Hickstead Dressage Festival 12th – 15th May 2022
Emaro M and Maria rode two PSG tests at Hickstead. Again a lot to like and a lot to learn from their new spots in the premier league as their coach Vicki Thompson-Winfield said, they held their own in the warm up arena with Charlotte Dujardin and Carl Hester!
(Photographs by Spidge photography)
Keysoe Premier League 29th April – 1st May 2022
Emaro M and Maria rode two PSG tests at Keysoe. There was a lot to like as they began their journey in new territory: British Dressage Premier League.
(Photographs by Kevin Sparrow)
medium trot
medium trot
Yeah, we did it!
Yeah, we did it!
Looking good ...
Looking good ...
They're really enjoying it!
They're really enjoying it!
Golden Cross 9th April 2022
First in class at PSG again for Emmy and Maria, and second overall. 
Belmoredean 24th March 2022
First FEI PSG!
Another first in class for Emmy and Maria, this time second overall as they move up another level to FEI PSG. 
(photographs by LRG photography)

Highlights from Emmy and Maria's PSG test 24th March 2022
(Photos below)

Here we go!

Medium trot ...

Beautiful picture of the half pirouette in canter

Flying changes ...

Belmoredean 10th February 2022
Movin' on up!
Another first for Emmy and Maria having moved up a level from 2021.
(photographs by LRG photography)

Highlights from Emmy and Maria's test 10th February 2022
(Photos below)

Emmy strides out in medium trot ...

... and in extended trot!

Emmy really sits in the half 5m circle ...

Looking good!

Flying  changes ...

Well done guys! What a partnership!

Belmoredean 25th November 2021
Another two firsts for Emmy and Manella ...
(photographs by LRG photography)
Manella and Emmy execute a half pass left in trot

Emmy shows off his medium trot ... again!

Flying changes ...

... it's called a flying change for a reason!

Belmoredean 28th October 2021
Two firsts for Emmy and Manella!!
(Photographs by LRG photography)

Emmy shows off his medium trot

Medium trot

Flying changes

A beautiful change from any angle!

Belmoredean 16th September 2021
Two firsts for Emmy and Manella
(Photographs by LRG photography)

Halt, salute ... Emmy knows he's a star!

Half pass left in trot

Emmy in canter

A good solid partnership! Thanks Emmy!

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